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Upcoming Book Release!

If you are like me, we share a habit of picking up a book that we are considering to read and immediately flipping back towards the end just to see what is there. In this case, I am hoping that you do the same!

When I began work on this many years ago, my intent was strictly a management focused piece of work that would appropriately be found in the “Business Section” of book stores. Yet, as I kept writing and refining my work, a gentle voice kept whispering in the back of my mind, “Michael, while you are sharing some excellent truthful thoughts here, you’re miss- ing the real point.” Normally input like this would be discour- aging. But, in this case, I knew it was meant to be encouraging.

Hmmm, well, I may be a slow learner (217th in my graduating class, remember?) but I knew that God was prompting me to share not only some excellent things, but to openly lay on the table the only source of truth and excellence: Jesus Christ. And that was and is THE point.

So, I’ve saved for another time some great chapters focused on definitely business related skills such as: Delegation, Executive Meetings, Formal Performance Appraisal Systems, and the like. I also rewrote again and again the remaining content. But, most importantly, I added footnotes through- out the book referencing the only source of every good and excellent thought I have ever had: The inspired word of God found in the scriptures.

So, if you happened to flip through the book, go ahead and read ALL the Footnotes from start to finish. Then, enjoy LIFE’S 10-POINT MUST SYSTEM from “The Beginning” right though the main point: the footnotes!

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